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August 28, 2013

A few of our favorite Cloud Apps

What are cloud apps?
These are programs that run on the world wide web and store your files and information securely.

Where are your files stored?
They’re stored on a computer that is connected to the internet, just like yours. That’s a very basic explanation of a server.

Cloud apps are appealing because you make one change to a file in a cloud app and all your devices will update with the change.

In the programming world that is known as an “include file”. Programmers have been leveraging this time-saving strategy for years. Make one master file that controls all the files connected to it.

For example, you have a website and a business website with over 100 pages. One day, you decide to add a new service to your website, a blog.

Adding the link to your blog on 100 pages would take quite some time. With include files or master pages, you make the change in one file and all of the other pages in your site are changed automatically. To finish our example, you add the blog link to your master page and automatically every page in your site is updated.

Here are some of our favorite cloud and subscription-based applications:

A repository of legal documents that are fall under common-license and available to use as boilerplates for your own purposes. A possible use: A contract for a loan. Find a loan document by searching docracy. After you find one you like the preview of, you can click on it to start editing the contract.
You’ll be able to save it to your account to work on later. Finally, choose the person(s) you’d like to sign the document and send it via email to the persons involved to get their signatures. Docracy does this for you. From your account, you can send the document to recipients you specify and Docracy’s system will notify you via email once the recipients have signed the contract. You’ll also digitally sign the document online. Best part, this system and access to it’s library is free.

A private doctor for you and your health goals, at a reasonable cost. Their goal is to use high touch practices of the past to make patients and doctors happier and healthier.

A tool for sending and receiving faxes through the internet. HelloFax allows you to manage your faxes as well. Upload a PDF or image of your document. Need signatures? HelloFax has a system where you can send a document via email requesting a signature. Once the document is signed by the recipient you’re immediately notified. You can archive the document in your account, download it and print it out, or sign it and send it back.

We’re big fans of Google apps. Drive is one of the best collaborating tools available. Google gives you a calendar, encrypted and secure storage in the cloud which is searchable, and so much more. Are you interested in tools for document collaboration? How about project management tools? There’s a good community for support and a wealth of add-ons, some paid and some free.

A application for organizing, storing, sharing ideas and information. Create notes and notebooks to organize your data. Make to-do lists with checkboxes. Grab a link to a web page you want to have easy access to. Share a note or notebook for collaboration efforts. All your notes are searchable.

6. Mint
Financial tool to help you organize and plan your present and future fiduciary goals. Packed with useful features like filterable, interactive info-graphics, this app is not only useful but fun to use.

The trusted source to find help caring for children or those in need of being cared for. Quickly get access to a large amount of available caregivers. With details about the caregivers in the database. Create a job posting and watch your email inbox fill up with qualified leads for you to choose from.

8. oDesk
A global technology talent search and system for hiring talent for your company or business. Create a free account and post a job with requirements and details. Within a short time you’ll have talented individuals pitching to you why you should hire them for your project. oDesk has a nice security measure built into their system. oDesk consultants have screenshots taken automatically of their computers every few minutes while they are working on your project to ensure you can stay on top of your consultant.

Contact us if you'd like more information on these applications or have your own idea for a web app that you'd like to develop into an online business.

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