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February 5, 2014

Sugar Chemistry: Delicious Baked Treats

Ms. Khan, having left the world of Statistics for the world of cakes, pastries, and pies, is a wonderful person and entrepreneur I'd like to help.
Having tried her blueberry pie and cake pops, I can vouch for her talents in the art of baking. I'm no expert, though I believe if one can make a pie crust that is tasty with a flaky texture, they've won half the battle.

She left a career in IT and HR behind for her passion and dreams. Eram has a Masters in Statistics, which makes her story more interesting and appealing. Her heart wasn't in technology, so she decidid to follow her childhood dream and love, going to England and a well-known culinary school. The proof is in the pudding (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

I met Ms. Khan at a Stanford Continuing Studies course "Getting from an early idea to a real business."

She's a smart cookie who on the first night offered to bring a snack for the with buttercream frosting. Classically simple. I was an easy fish to catch.

If anyone in the Bay Area would like to have a special treat for a special day, or cater their next event with something different and scrumptious, have a look at her offering below and send her an e-mail.


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  2. Hi Zoomar,
    Congrats! and do you ship it to Chicago :)

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